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Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA, 94704, US

Phone: (510) 833-2507


Authentic Mexican Grill
Drop by our place and enjoy a fantastic Mexican meal surrounded by great vibes. Our super nachos and burritos are made with fresh ingredients that give a delicious, unforgettable taste. Give us a call and place an order right away.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout · No-contact delivery

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m so happy to have found a new taco place! I grabbed three tacos and they were FULL of lean delicious meat. Lots of finely chopped white onion and cilantro on top. The refried beans are flavorful and smooth like velvet. They're the best refried beans I've had in a looong while. A+++. Horchata was too sweet for my taste. I also love the convenient parking above the place.

Highly recommend the tacos and refried beans. I'm excited to go back and try more things.

— Kristin N.

So far so good!
I've tried their steak and al pastor soft tacos. Their beef and vegetable burritos. Oh, and their Enchilada and Chile Relleno plate with retried beans-- yummy! Needless to say, this has become my new spot! The food is very tasty. The prices are reasonable. I'm not a fan of the lack of parking for this restaurant but it's still worth it to grab dinner from there.

— Roxi T.

Delicious food and excellent customer service! I ordered the super chicken burrito and horchata via DoorDash and just discovered my new favorite Mexican restaurant! I called first to ask a few questions, and they were very friendly and accommodating. I appreciate that they offer grilled and shredded chicken, and that their grilled chicken is diced small so you don't get large chunks in your burrito. I highly recommend!

— Aysha P.

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